Challenge 01 - No Alcohol

January 02, 20201 min read

I don't give much to months and calendars in general, but they offer an excellent border for doing things like challenges. So for 2020, I will do 12 problems (together with my girlfriend). And what would fit better than to start with a challenge for not drinking alcohol? I am not a huge drinker, that's not the issue. For me, the problem with alcohol is that it is the cheapest, everywhere available, and socially accepted drug on the planet. It's even celebrated and appreciated when you are drin

Fresh Air for 2020

December 23, 20191 min read

This blog isn't even a year old, but I felt it needed change. I needed change, that's why I have finally managed to ditch the old system and changed it against a new one. I was really sick and tired of debugging WordPress theme issues and I was also quite annoyed of the lock-in I had. If you are interested about the technical details of this blog, I will write an update about that at []. In short it is Ghost and GatsbyJS, but enough of that here. Currently I am si

You are never done

December 23, 20192 min read

I like to train people, I like to see people grow, I like to help people on their way. Probably that's one thing that made me who I am and brought me where I am today. Still I often see one common thought, one common misconception. After the training or after this or that lesson I will be done. No, you won't, you won't ever be done. There is no DAY X that changes everything and you are complete then. It's a continous struggle When I was a teenager I really hated school. In the 7th grade I star

You are grown up - act like it

November 17, 20192 min read

“I couldn’t finish my work until today, because I couldn’t come to the office earlier, because the weather was bad and traffic sucked.” – How often did you tell something like this to yourself or your boss or your spouse? Be honest, that is a lame excuse! If you are late, it’s your god damn fault. If you didn’t finish your work, it’s your fault. Maybe you didn’t start early enough to get there, maybe you don’t have priorities set straight in your life, maybe you are lousy at planning, or may

Isn’t minimalism a contradiction?

November 08, 20192 min read

I once had a talk trying to explain someone minimalism. The immediate response was; if minimalism in itself wouldn’t be a contradiction and if that’s not even quite excessive. A quite interesting view, let’s discuss that from multiple viewpoints. Huh? Probably I had a weird look in my face when I first heard that. But maybe to people outside of minimalism that sounds crazy. Let me rephrase my favorite quote Have less – be more for you: Have less that you need take care of, to make space fo