Fresh Air for 2020

This blog isn't even a year old, but I felt it needed change. I needed change, that's why I have finally managed to ditch the old system and changed it against a new one.

I was really sick and tired of debugging WordPress theme issues and I was also quite annoyed of the lock-in I had.

If you are interested about the technical details of this blog, I will write an update about that at In short it is Ghost and GatsbyJS, but enough of that here.

Currently I am sitting in a hotel in Turkey, somewhere near Antalya. It feels quite good to have the chance to calm down a little, as the last few weeks have been quite intense.

Here I am recharging my batteries for the upcoming year. Of course I will not slow down, I will continue and next year I want to publish at least once a week here, plus at least one letter a week to my dear newsletter subscribers.

As soon as this blog is more or less stable, in terms of a publishing schedule, I want to tackle the next big project, which will be to start podcast. The subscribers of my newsletter have already heard the first episode of it.

And the last commitment for 2020 is my fresh project, a daily blog, located at It doesn't have any limits or something, it's just something every single day for the next year. It's a self written blog engine, that runs on top of Trello (pretty awesome ;)).

The next blog post will be something more interesting again, I promise.