Last updated: 22nd October 2019

Current location: Mumbai, India

This is a NOW page. It serves as a continuous documentation of what I am focusing on at the moment and what my priorities are.

Sometimes you need to play the game 😁

Current endeavors

  • Throughout October I have been working on my Newsletter. The progress there is fairly ok. I underestimated another endeavor, why I am having some struggle keeping up with my writing schedule because the other task has currently a higher priority.
  • Since the first of October, I am officially the head of web development in my company and as you can guess, this requires a lot of work. It’s a lot of ramp-up work and requires some time to getting used to it and find a routine in fulfilling the role.
  • Yeah, I committed to NaNoWriMo … This means you will get a ton of content from that, read here
  • I decided it’s not healthy for myself and the blog and my job as well to proceed taking part in NaNoWriMo. Read more about that here.

Ongoing Efforts

Here I will put ongoing efforts, what I am working on or where I am trying to improve.

Just a quick list of what I am up to at the moment:

This Blog

  • As this blog now has some more content, I am now working on structuring it and playing around with some ideas. By intention, I didn’t write about tools I use too much in the past as I wasn’t sure how to package it in this blog. I am still about figuring out, if this should get into a separate blog, or if I will put them behind a curtain and refer to them in the more meta-level articles