2 Weeks blogging from the phone

I have a little challenge for myself, a want to prove it to myself that I can maintain my blog totally from the phone, except for some administration stuff.


The next 12 days I will be in Crete, Greece. This delivers the perfect opportunity to try this out. I also have my notebook with me, but only for some coding sessions. Right now I am sitting in the plane and writing this initial blog post on my phone, which is connected to the Logitech Keys-to-go keyboard, which makes this experiment way more enjoyable.

At first I thought the screen size might become annoying, but it’s quite ok. The cool thing about the small screen is, that not everybody can take a quick glimpse as it is on the iPad or MacBook. I had a few starting problems here on the plain, since I didn’t know where to lean my phone against. It’s now on the top of a can of beer in front of me. It works 😉 It’s not too comfortable, since I have to look down all the time, maybe I need to figure out a hanging solution, that I could put on the seat in front of me. But this idiot would manage to drop it down anyways. And as I am writing it, I got an even better solution. I hung up my SnapBack on the seat and put the phone inside it. But still not high enough.

The 10 minutes are over, but since I got nothing else to do, because stupid-me has forgotten to download any magazines or movies. So I have to entertain myself. I haven’t mentioned the dickhead in front of me yet, I think. Bouncing around on his seat all the time. Or the girl behind me, that is afraid she could die if she stops speaking for a minute.

I hope the transfer from the hotel won’t last to long, since I am done for today 😉

That’s it, see you tomorrow, with some great footage of Crete.

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