2018 – January Roundup

Welcome to my first monthly roundup. As the title states, this kind of post, will appear every month. Now it’s the 1st of February, so let’s see what was January about.

Stuff that I tried

Bear instead of Evernote

Ended up, using it side by side. Evernote for living paperless and Bear for taking notes. The iPad version of Bear is awsome, although it needs some work.

(nope, still tell siri or alexa to set a timer)

Pocket instead of Instapaper

I wanted an ability to save blog posts for later, for what Instapaper is an awesome solution. But I thought it would be quite awesome, to have the ability to have a kind of website to recommend all the articles to you. That’s why I tried out Pocket. It works well, I will tell you more about it, next month.

Overcast for listening to podcasts

The biggest thing in terms of new apps in January was Overcast. If you are looking for a podcast client for iOS look no further. There will be probably a review on hauck.io, but more on that later.

Health / Fitness

I signed up for a new gym and started training again. Everything comes to staying fit for me. I am more focused, more steady, more productive, more awake, get up better in the morning, when I am in a training routine.

Also I started to do a lot more cardio than in the past.


I attended like 4 meetups this month, about webdevelopment, wordpress and devops stuff.


This was the biggest part, I had to deal with and think about in January. I haven’t published anything on hauck.io this month and as everything in life, this has a reason. I don’t like the blog anymore, it’s too broad. It’s about software development, it’s about productivity, about apps, about soft skills, you get it.

I want to experiment a bit. So I thought of splitting it again, into multiple blogs, so people only interested in coding and tech, won’t get bothered with soft skills stuff and vice versa.

And here is the plan for this:

  1. CODALONG will be the blog for coding and tech related stuff, like django, python, javascript and devops topics
  2. HAUCK.IO will be for productivity and apps that help you achieve this
  3. DANIELHAUCK.net (this blog you are actually reading) is an approach for a personal blog and stuff like this, that would fit into all the blogs and also offers some kind of conclusion
  4. PROJECT Foo for which I don’t have a name yet, which will offer german tutorials for wordpress and will be video-only

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