Backend Month done + DEVLOG progress

Yesterday I realized; I AM ON TIME, with my learning plan. I wanted to look at it, because I thought, damn I am late again.

Suprise, suprise, I am on time. February just finishes today and I have finished my NodeJS course.

So I am stocked working on some other things than writing down Mongoose queries or things like

exports.dumbController = (req, res) => { ...

I will now start with the backend of my training app, which will be all about time tracking. Over the month of February I got soooooooooooo many ideas, what the app could do, to improve my time tracking, I am hyped to work on it 😺.

110 words in 5 minutes, bad writing day. Another thing I could talk about is DEVLOG, I haven’t had time to edit it right now. But I’ve also recorded a few scenes across the week that could go into it. Maybe the first season won’t be even published, because it sucks. But I am still thinking about it.

Also I prepared for my Frontend month a few seconds ago, by purchasing Wes Bos course React for beginners some minutes ago. I am already very profound in Angular 2+, but I wanted to learn something totally new and after Facebook changed the licensing of React, the community seems to grow even faster than the Angular community. It’s always good to know more than one framework and being able to compare.

But(!) I am even more hyped for April, because that will be MOBILE month. Can’t wait to build the mobile version of my time tracking app.

Enough for today! See you tomorrow 👋

Backend Month done + DEVLOG progress

Screen Chaos equals Mental Chaos

Today I needed to fix some serious issues on our platform. Some automatic jobs screwed up data.

Therefore I needed to look into different data dumps, databases, scripts and frontends. My screen became totally messy and after I fixed all the issues, I recognized my brain is as cluttered as my screen in that moment.

On a normal day I put up my MacBook into it’s docking station, which is connected to two large monitors. On the built in screen I have everything for communication, like email, franz and my phone, in the middle I have my IDE, another editor and the tools I mainly work with and on the left monitor I always put reference material, like my web browser, documentation from Dash or a database GUI like Postico.

As I needed that much input today, every monitor was filled up with terminals, sshed into the database servers, the backup server, the application server and so on.

One thing I do on my Mac to keep stuff organized is to heavily rely on workspaces, so everything is fullscreen. I don’t get distracted so easy, because one window cannot simply overlay another and as long I don’t need it it’s on another workspace and doesn’t blink into my eye. Another thing is DND (Do Not Disturb), as on my phone I have almost every notification turned of, except from things like Todoist, where I have set myself reminders for several tasks.

In the evening I will probably work on finishing the Node course, see you tomorrow friendos! 👋

Screen Chaos equals Mental Chaos

I love Mondays

Especially when I take a day off 😜 Today I took a day off and advanced my node skills. Also I put a little effort in dockerizing my application.

Let’s talk a bit about docker. When the first docker beta came out, I think it was 2012 or 2011, or something like this, I was thrilled to try it out. I had used container stuff before with LXC, but Docker seamed way better. Sadly it wasn’t ready for production back in the days. I lost the interest a bit. <rant> A year or 2 later everybody used docker and it was useful to get followers on twitter just using #docker in every tweet </rant>. At that point Docker was way to confusing to use. Docker Swarm, Compose, Machine, Boot2Docker and all this stuff, in my opinion it was just too much. And bam interest lost again.

A few months ago I felt the deep need to take a look again at it and this time it was different. With all the new stuff, like stacks and services it finally felt ready. Ready to be used in production. Little disclaimer here: It could have been ready for years now, but I just haven’t felt the need to dive into it again.

As it felt complete I started putting some of my environments and also prod systems into containers. But the sysadmin in me always missed the security of just sshing into the machine and looking if everything was ok, but that’s just one of the things you have to pay 🤷‍♀️.

Now I am happy to use it everyday, especially in development. I don’t have to provision huge ass virtual machines, I just clip the images together and I am ready 👍.

Enough hype for today! See you tomorrow, I hope in the morning again 😎.

I love Mondays

A Productive Sunday

Hey guys, so it’s 23:08 and yes it is planned, that todays 10 minutes come that late. I had a damn productive day, even if I got up very late.

After waking up and having a coffee, my girlfriend and me went to the gym for about 1 hour and 30 minutes, after a quick shower and lunch I sat down and started working on some stuff. Some tasks for codalong, some for, the usual stuff, some admin stuff for my websites and so on.

Later that day I decided to watch some lessons on a video course by Wes Bos, which does the best video courses out there.

The problem here was that I got stuck on some topic, after trying to fix it and googling and not finding any answer, I was nearly on the point to putting down and telling myself; nah I am too tired to do this. But guess what, I decided to fix it and push trough and yeah, after a while I fixed it (it was a typo 🤦‍♂️). After fixing the bug I was still pumped and I am still hyped.

Another topic that came to my mind, while speaking to a former coworker yesterday is, that I haven’t had an idea about Node or Javascript in general one year back and now I am very savvy in it, which is quite cool. What I want to tell you by this is, you don’t have to stick to a stack or a language or even a job. If you put in the effort, you can reinvent yourself in a short amount of time.

Especially in tech. If you got a general understanding of programming and some concepts, the language doesn’t matter that much.

10 Minutes, are over! See you tomorrow guys!

A Productive Sunday

DEVLOG, finally

I finally started recording the first DEVLOG session. I wanted to make a behind the scenes on how I code and a how I start with a WordPress theme and it sucked. That’s no problem, I will have to do the tutorial video again. But for the DEVLOG it’s good content, so you see that not everything works as expected.

Now I need to edit the video and see how it comes out, I am hyped 😉 But I won’t start today with it, since I have to leave in a few minutes to meet up with a former coworker.

What happened in today’s video, shows me that planning and testing is even more important, before starting to hit the record button. But as said above, it’s a cool outcome for the video, and you have something to learn from 😉 Much more won’t come today, the most of the time I was on the road or cleaning up my office, which was really necessary. So see you tomorrow, hopefully with the released video 😉

DEVLOG, finally

Stickers or Go Clean

Good morning Friendos!

Yesterday I put another stick on my laptop and then I asked myself; WHY? So, why we put stickers on our laptops? To show off? To identify with brands and technology? To be individual?

Since I own laptops, they didn’t really stay clean for a long time. My MacBook susatained clean for like a half year, when I put the first sticker on, it was the Django sticker. And why? Simply because I love the Django framework. The next one was probably Tmux or Github, for the same reason, I love the tools or the idea behind the tools. In my case it’s love or respect for a product / tool or the cause behind it.

The next valid reason for me is fun, I have this sticker that says “Weeks of programming can save you hours of planning” and maybe it’s there to make fun of a few people I’ve worked with in the past.

Showing off was never a valid reason for me, to put stickers on my laptop. I don’t wear expensive clothes, so neither I care about putting expensive brands on my laptop.

A cool thing I recognized is to get in touch with other people, that have the same interest. If you see someone with a Ansible sticker, and you love it to, it’s way easier to connect, because you already know, that he likes it (Be careful here, some people just put about every sticker they could get on their laptop, just to have something on it).

10 minutes are over 😉 see you tomorrow guys!

Stickers or Go Clean

Eye Strain

In the last few days I have experienced more and more eye strain. On Tuesday I was at the cinema with my girlfriend and it was really hard to watch a 3D movie. When I take a look at my time tracking, there is no reason to wonder about it. Yesterday I have spent more than 14 hours in front of my MacBook, which doesn’t even count the time I’ve spent in front of my iPad or my phone. That’s way too much.

But instead of turning down my laptop I searched for a solution and a post in a private web developer group on Facebook recommended f.lux to me. I thought, it’s free, why not give it a try. The tool is as simple as it should be, just give it your location, and it sets screen colors based on your location and the assumable brightness there.

It hasn’t much to configure, but it feels easier now to look at the screen. It’s weird first, because it feels like your screen is broken, but it’s much easier to look at the screen, when the sun turns down.

Just give it a try.

Another option would be special computer glasses, like some guys use for gaming to reduce eye strain. But since I wear glasses anyway, I would have to spend more money to get special glasses.

I will try flux for a while now and see if it helps, of course I will keep you up to date 👍

That’s it for today, see you tomorrow! I hope earlier than today 🤷‍♂️

Eye Strain

The Developer Dilemma

Argh, I am late!!!! 🤦‍♂️

But it totally fits to todays topic, because I thought about this before going to bed, causing me to staying awake and getting up to late and so on. And it’s a dilemma, I think most of developers and other people in tech have.

I bet you know this kind of situation: You want to build something new, a little application. But at the same time you are learning a new technique / framework / whatever / you name it. You think about, hey I could use that new stuff in my upcoming project, but therefore I have to schedule it, to a later time, because I need to finish learning enough about the new golden grale of software development. Time goes by, and you don’t work on your new project, neither learn more about the new stuff. That’s what I call the curious developers dilemma.

Last week I ran into this. If you follow this 10 minute posting series, you probably have seen my new design for this blog On the weekend I finished the sketch design, also on Saturday I started with Wes Bos course on CSS grid and thought, hey let’s do it with grid instead of using the BS4 grid. Today we got Wednesday, and guess what, NOTHING happened. I haven’t finished the WordPress theme, plus I haven’t finished that CSS grid course. In bootstrap I would probably have finished like on Sunday evening, but with the learning curve of CSS grid, it takes me at least double the time. I could talk longer about that issue, but what I am going to do about this?

Ok team, plan: I finish the video course today, and write a plain dummy html site, that looks a bit like my design. And tomorrow I will start with the real theme. And also DEVLOG #1, I promise, really 💪. See you then!

The Developer Dilemma

Revisiting Daily Themes

Good morning! I have first heard of daily themes from Mike Vardy at Simple said, it is easier and keeps you more accountable, when you set yourself each day a topic to work on. I tried it out and it worked pretty well.

I have lost the streak a bit over the Christmas time. We spent a lot of time on the road and at each of our parents, where we couldn’t really work or be that productive. It’s already February, which means I would have missed a lot of themed days. Especially for the relaunch and launch I have planned, these themed days will help me, to get my stuff done.

For me the new week starts on Sunday, because then I begin to plan the week. I take care about what to work on and mostly about my writing for the whole week.

I won’t write down the themes here, because I will do an extra NOW page for this. But one other thing, I will include dedicated learning days, one for frontend, one for backend, so to have one day for each main area of interest.

And for another learning I will take business tasks into the admin day, I didn’t take that serious enough 🤷‍♀️. That’s all for today, see you tomorrow!

Revisiting Daily Themes

Schroedingers Monday

Actually I like Mondays. The week is still open and everything can happen. But sometimes, especially when working in technology, you have this feeling “Am I fucked, or is everything ok”. Let’s call this Schroedingers Monday.

This feeling comes with no reason most of the time. Your servers are monitored somebody is on call anyway, there wasn’t any special deployment the week before. But you still have this feeling, when you are arriving at work everybody is running around like chicken and yelling at you to grab a fire extinguisher and rescue some servers or so. Just drawing in my head here 🤷‍♂️.

Now, as I am more a developer than a sysadmin, I haven’t this feeling that often, but when I get it, I still could freak out. But there is a simple step of solving it. Just check it, go online, check your website, platform, whatever and confirm that everything is ok, take a quick look into your monitoring or the load of your servers. I know, you might say, no I don’t want to work in my spare time, but it’s more releasing than waking up and feeling like you could get hit with a shovel every second.

Enough with that 😉 I didn’t make any progress with the theme coding yesterday, instead I refined it and also made some social media templates. I only had 15 minutes of coding time yesterday. So I didn’t start the DEVLOG project. Today is gym time. Let’s see what happens after it. See you tomorrow!

Schroedingers Monday