Let’s revisit organization

23:32:00 Late again, but I am used to that now 🤷‍♀️

So I listened to some podcasts again, as everyday. Today was about revisiting digital organization. Actually I got that topic from multiple sources. A podcast about Mac Power Users, a YouTube channel about minimalism and some single blogs.

And all these sources confirm for me, that I wan’t to keep most of the stuff away from my notebook and use my iPad mainly for this kind of stuff. To have it kind of ‘out of the way’.

Also it’s way easier to backup an iPad than a mac 👍. So I will move on with this in the next days. This fits well because we will visit the parents of my girlfriend where I will use mostly the iPad anyways. The biggest task will be to organize Evernote and decide if I even will continue to use it as my second brain, since I play around with the app Bear from time to time 🤔. But at least for contract and recipes, it will be Evernote 🐘.

In case of task management I will stick with Todoist. I switched to Things 3 for a week, which is beautiful, but it just wasn’t for me, maybe another time.

But let’s clean up Evernote fast, maybe more on that tomorrow. Now I will watch another episode of Scream with my girlfriend 😘 See you tomorrow! 👋

Let’s revisit organization

Back to the basics

23:13:45 Again a bit a lazy day. We had a friend over yesterday and it got late.

But let’s get to the productive part of the day, which was heading back to some basics. I revisited CSS a bit. I always see these amazing pens on codepen.io and always think about how they could work. Since I mostly work on the backend of software I don’t really have the time to put much effort in my CSS.

As I want to build a few themes and stuff I thought I could spend some theme on checking out CSS animations and some positioning stuff. Also on grid and flexbox. And it paid. I just need to stick to it, to not have the same problem again in half a year from now.

I am thinking about a little challenge for myself, something like 100 Days of CSS, where I put out hundred code pens with increasing complexity. But first I have to finish some other things before I get onto that.

What else? I am just about reinstalling my windows PC, because 1) I want to play some games, 2) I want to build a development setup I can get along with on Windows. I see more and more people switching back to windows, from linux or mac. With the subsystem for linux and some other changes it doesn’t seam to be so bad anymore, so I want to give it a try.

That’s it! See your tomorrow!

Back to the basics

42nd post – yeah – implicit vs explicit

18:31:17 – so it seams to be the 42nd day of writing and hell yeah, it feels good.

I haven’t cut the DEVLOG today, because we have a friend over here this evening. So what’s up anyway?

To be honest, I haven’t much to write about today, so let’s talk about my day. Let’s talk about simplicity vs implicity, if this is even a word.

I have a codebase in front of me, which is very explicit. That’s what the codex of python tells you. Explicit is better than implicit. What does this mean anyway?

It’s better to declare something than to assume it works because of several conditions, for example, it’s better to declare something, than to assume it’s declared by the framework, because maybe it’s not working the way you want.

But you shouldn’t take it to serious. E.g. I now have the problem of a picture that is declared and conditionally proofed like 15 times, but it doesn’t work anyway. It is checked for the existence of the file, the m-time of the file but what if its broken? Yep, the file exists and YES it could have an m-time too.

So what I am trying to tell you is, make sure that your code makes sense, rather than making it compliant to some coding standards. OK, thats it, see you tomorrow! 👋

42nd post – yeah – implicit vs explicit

Done is better than perfect

23:37:21 – Good evening Friendos! I have recorded the first real DEVLOG that I will edit and publish tomorrow. That’s the first part of done is better than perfect. Second is the source plugin for Gatsby that queries the YouTube API for playlists and their videos.

I have written a plugin that queries the YouTube API and creates GraphQL nodes for using them in Gatsby. Getting the videos out there was pretty simple, as I am going to tell you in DEVLOG, I had some problems with unresolved promises and the Axios client, which cost me approximately 4 hours or more. That I haven’t recorded, because it won’t be that interesting.

Now I had the issue, that I wanted to have the videos as children to their playlists in GraphQL, which of course didn’t work like it should. Of course I could spend hours into debugging the issue, but then the release of Codalong would go further away. And as I have thrown the codebase away this weekend because I was unhappy with some design decisions, that would cause another delay.

It works now as I need it. Now the connection goes the other direction, I have the ID for the playlist inside the videos as a parent ID and it works as it should. Like the title says, it’s done, but not perfect.

The next thing is the DEVLOG, so the video documentation of building Codalong. I have recorded several videos about it, but I just had so many issues and bugs, that I don’t wanted to publish it. Today’s video won’t be perfect either, but again, in this case; DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT.

If you read this blog and watch my video, it would be awesome, if you could give me some feedback in the comments!

I am not sure if I can put in some hours for Codalong tomorrow, but surely over the weekend, there should be the second edition of DEVLOG 👍…

So, as always, thanks for reading, watching whatever, see you tomorrow! 👋 23:45:51

Done is better than perfect

Out of your brain – put it somewhere

23:14:04 – I bet you also have experienced this. You have to remember something, or you are angry about something and can’t think about anything else than that. Even worse it comes, when you cannot sleep because of it. Little tip here, get it out of your brain and write it down.

My brain is constantly working on new ideas or thinking about a ton of stuff and this also caused sleepless nights. Usually I then get up and write it down somewhere, so I don’t need to take care of it myself. My brain can then release the thought.

The same thing works most of the time when I am pissed of by something or someone. I can stay up all night, arguing with myself about something. But if I decide to get up and write it down, it usually helps.

Usually this happens because your brain thinks, it could forget something. I have written a longer article about this, my quick capture system. But since hauck.io is down, this article doesn’t exist any longer. So let me explain it in a few words.

The base of it is actually Todoist (my number 1 software for getting things done) and for bigger thoughts Ulysses (my number 1 software for writing). Whenever a thought comes up, I get out my phone or open up the app when I am on my laptop and just hammer it in. Even it’s a event for my calendar, I hammer it in Todoist with the quick add function, give it a label and and a due date or time and I am done with it.

When it’s something I need to think about longer, I create a quick note in Ulysses and just start writing about it, whatever comes into my head. This feeling after you have done it, calms me down every time. See you tomorrow! 👋

Out of your brain – put it somewhere

Create a Distraction Free Device

23:18:23 I have read an article about creating a distraction free device on lifehacker some years ago. Basically it means to put everything that could distract you on a separate device like a tablet. This is what I am trying over the last days, here is my progress and my thoughts.

My main device is a 13 Inch MacBook Pro, there I write my code, write all my blog posts, do all my video editing and so on. Plus I had a ton of distracting stuff on there, like messengers, email and tons of tiny helpers. All in all, this stuff not only becomes annoying as fuck, it drains the battery life of my MacBook especially, when I don’t have a power outlet near me.

So I remembered the lifehacker article and thought about to either make my iPad my distraction free device or my MacBook. The decision was quick because most of my daily I cannot get done on the iPad. So I opened up my applications on the Mac and went through. I deleted tons of apps. Day One, Slack, Skype, WhatsApp all gone. Now they only live on my iPad.

The first days this really is annoying, because I had to always look on my iPad or my phone, when I wanted to write a quick message. But you quickly realize, most of the messages aren’t that important, that you couldn’t batch them up.

Maybe some of the apps will get back on my Mac sometime, but then with autoquit after 5 minutes. Another positive point, I have 50 GB more space on my SSD, because of all the cache files. WIN – WIN. See you tomorrow guys! 👋

Create a Distraction Free Device

What a lazy day

20:59 – We had some friends over and it got late, very very late. In Germany the clock is changed two times a year, from 2 to 3 in spring and back from 3 to 2 in fall. It doesn’t make much sense, but who cares 😉

Today I actually don’t have much to write about. We took the Sunday easy, watched a bit Netflix and ordered pizza 🍕.

And yes I don’t do that often, just be lazy, but it felt good. Even if I always think I miss something. At the moment I am still ahead of planning for Codalong but I won’t take it slowly because of this. I am still confident, I can launch it by the middle of April.

That’s it for today, I really don’t have an idea what to write about. See you tomorrow, with hopefully a bit more text 😉

What a lazy day

AirPods after 1 week – they haven’t been empty yet.

17:12:52 – Ok since we got friends over here and they will surely stay longer than 12 PM I have to do my writing now 🤷‍♀️

I already prepared the meat for the burgers and now have some time left 👍

Today I want to talk again about the Apple AirPods. I own these thing for a week now and I have to admit, I am impressed.

Before I owned a ton of headphones. From AKG, to Beats, to cheap Ankers (which are impressive) and some more. If you know me, I don’t like to have cables on my desk or have cables in general. In the gym I like to listen to audio books or podcasts and when I move around I will always pull cables out of my ear. Even with the wireless earbuds from Anker, they will fall out at some time. The next issue is the battery. It’s always empty when you need it 🤦‍♂️. Whenever I could I put the earbuds on a powerbank or plugged them into my laptop. But sometimes I just missed it. And now the AirPods seem to be solving all of my issues.

Honestly, they haven’t been empty yet. When I am not listening I put them in the charging case and every two days I put them onto the charger and like I mentioned I never ran out of battery, I never had to stop listening or calling and put them in the case to charge them. Apple says when you put them in the case for 15 minutes you can listen 3 hours again and that’s really awesome.

So now I can listen to even more podcasts and audiobooks because they connect totally seamless either to my MacBook, iPhone or iPad. I don’t have to turn the bluetooth on any device off, to connect them to another. In most cases I just pull them out and they connect to the right device 👍 Like magic 😀.

Next thing; do they fall out? No, they have never fallen out of my ears, not in the gym, while running, lifting weights, walking around, never. They only time I have to put them out is when I undress from a pullover or something like this.

I have never been more satisfied with headphones. 17:23:46 See you tomorrow! 👋

AirPods after 1 week – they haven’t been empty yet.

Hacker Man Look vs Distraction

09:55:34 – I remember when I started with a tech job. I saw this cool images of people with multiple monitors and tons of terminal windows and didn’t even think about how that works. 9 years later I am here and not wondering about anything anymore 🤷‍♂️.

I am used to a few programming languages, know the command line by heart, know a ton about linux and all the stuff around it. Damnit that sounds like I am in love with myself, but that’s not what it should be about today. Maybe another time 😀.

Tmux, Vim, PyCharm, Paw are just a few programs I use throughout the day to get my work done. If you now look at my screen it’s like on these hacker man images. On the screen to my left I got a terminal open with tmux and 7 windows with about 3 panes in each of it, yeah hacker man. In the middle I got PyCharm, with split view, the database view, another terminal at the bottom for running commands and debugging. On the laptop screen itself is just some garbage like messaging tools or a browser for reference. And of course, everything in dark mode. Not only because it looks nicer, also it doesn’t hurt my eyes like light stuff.

But thats just a bit history stuff. It looks totally cool, but it is fucking distracting as hell. And that’s what I actually want to talk about today. In the mean time I really started to get annoyed about all those flashy things and start to reduce them. For example, I liked all the cool and fancy things IDEs do, but I started to be in distraction free mode most of the day. Where you just got one file open like in a good writing software. I also adjusted colors in my terminals to have more contrast, to be easier to read. And it really helps, I am more relaxed while working. And also I cut most of notifications as they are annoying anyway.

Don’t try to look cool, be productive. That’s what counts and not the look of you terminal layout. 👋 10:05:27

Hacker Man Look vs Distraction

Mindmapping FTW

Ok, a not 10 minute post on this blog. I haven’t got a blog up again for productivity stuff. Deal with it.

But since I now have worked out all the concepts for Codalong, I have brain capacity left for thinking about the new blog. I thought a bit about it and wanted to document it, so started writing on a paper, but then I remembered a post about mindmapping I’ve read some time ago.

Back then I thought, “Mindmapping, that’s for old people, not for me”. But today I just downloaded XMind, because I got it available in Setapp anyway and gave it a try, and BOOM it’s awesome. I have also setup a mindmap for Codalong, for stuff that I had in my mind but couldn’t really describe yet.

And that where I see the power, just for getting ideas out of your head and putting them somewhere. XMind also has this Idea screen where you just can write down things you have in mind without ordering them right now.

I will now try to incorporate them more into my life 👍 See you again in a 10 minutes blog 😉

Mindmapping FTW