2019 August

2019 August

I never had a month like this one, that felt so long and valuable. In August, I moved into my new home, got to know some new people, and learned a lot. Also, I discovered a new place where I now love to spend a lot of time after a busy day.

Main Events

New Home

As a regular reader of this blog you may have noticed that I am moving as I told you in some blog post. The moving part is finished, and I am living in a shared apartment in Stuttgart West.

The apartment is rented out by a company called Homefully, so I am paying an all-in price, that also includes cleaning. As I am a lot on the road, this is a great service, because I don‘t have to take care of such things. The apartment looks awesome, and it has some good vibes which I like.

But even better is the area around me, Stuttgart West has a nice atmosphere. Everything that I need is in walking distance, and there are also a lot of stores that make it easier to take care of the environment and minimize your footprint, as the unpackaged store. As the name says, you can buy unpackaged goods there, like food, hygiene articles and more.

I really like this place to live and it’s not so crowded as other areas of the city.

Own Blog Theme

Since the beginning of August I put my own theme online. It’s still work in progress but it has made its way and really looks good in my opinion.

The goal for the theme was to be reader-friendly and draw the focus to the content and not to the styling elements or any fancy frontend technology. It should keep the user reading and not distract him or her with popups or hero bars or anything alike. If the user reads till the end, then I will give the option of signing up to my newsletter and not bother them while reading.

There are still some issues to be worked on, like the comments area and the related posts logic, but all in all, I am quite happy with the outcome.

Mumbai No. 3

Since the 23rd of August I am now in Mumbai, meeting the team there, doing some recruiting work and the usual.

The traveling here feels more normal when going for the third time in one year.


I had a different order in mind, but I changed my plans slightly. As I was on the go a lot in August, I switched my plans around and started with setting up the newsletter in August, not the podcast. For setting up the podcast, I need to be at home, at my desk until I figure out a better option for that.

The newsletter I can set up anywhere I have a internet connection. If you are interested, head over to https://danielhauck.net/join/

to sign up for it. It will be some words weekly that contain thoughts, articles that I have read, things I am working on, or anything that comes into my mind. Don’t worry; I won’t spam you.


Data Science

This month I mostly worked on my own metrics tool to gather my data. The collectors are mostly done, so I (finally) have the data and it keeps collecting.

And it’s like with everything, if you don’t apply what you have learned, you forget it again. So I will do my best to keep working on these things.


This month I almost planned every weekday very rigidly, and it shows results, I don‘t have this kind of decision fatigue anymore to decide what I work on. If it is task‘o‘clock I will work on that task, no matter what. And most of the times I am even early done with my tasks and work on stuff that I enjoy, like data science or writing.


I am currently collecting the data, without analyzing it. So I have exactly on statistic for you. My 4 weekly Todoist chart:

The colors are showing me here, that I am working on the right things, except the grey one. This is the Inbox project, which shows me that I am working out of the inbox at some times, which actually is not good.

I need to improve that. I know what the issue is, but at the moment I am not having any automatic plan to solve it. But we will see.


Like I mentioned, August was the longest month that I experienced, so many things happened and it would be awesome if every month could feel intense like this.