2019 July

2019 July

Well, actually this was a pretty good and intense month when I look back. To get my apartment empty, I gave away a lot of things and met new people through that. Sadly I haven’t advanced on the Data Science part which means, there will be again no stats this time.

Main Events

Denmark Vacation

Six people, going to Denmark into a house, with tons of alcohol. What could go wrong you may ask?

We had some great days. Most of the time, we ever spent in the pool throwing balls into the face of others or enjoying some beers. The rest will remain between the six of us.

Moving and Preparation

Until the 3rd week of July I didn‘t have any idea where I will go. I didn‘t have a new place rented, nor I had booked an apartment for the next months on AirBNB or such. But I had the feeling that it will work out in the end.

And guess what, it did. On Friday the 26th, I signed the contract for a room in a shared apartment. I actually couldn’t even imagine moving into such. A company called Homefully provides it; they are removing every negative aspect of shared apartments, like the cleaning situation and such. Everything is furnished with high-quality furniture; high-speed internet is already there and all these kind of things. Plus the apartment is like 3 minutes away from the next metro.

As you can guess, sizing down from a 100 square meter apartment to a furnished 22 square meter apartment is not that simple. I am already a minimalist, but still, there was a lot that had to go. So I spend the last few weeks by getting rid of stuff. I have been at the recycling depot that often, the staff surely has a picture of me in their wallet. Yes, that’s a joke. 😉

On last Thursday, the 1st of August, I finally got the keys for the room. I moved in with two suitcases, and that‘s all I need. After a month I will probably have more say about how it bothers me to climb up five floors every single day 😉

Giving Away frees you

As mentioned above, I had to get rid of a ton of things. Still some video equipment here and there, pallets on the balcony, some smaller furniture, washing machine and the list goes one.

Selling all of that stuff can be a pain in the ass. So what’s the next best idea? Yes, giving away everything for free! Some things I just put separately on eBay and other things I just put up in the living room and announced that I am emptying the apartment and people can come by and take what they want. It probably saved me driving to recycling depot like five to ten times.

But the best thing was the reaction of the people. Some of them just wondered how I could so easily let go of stuff. That I am not attached to these things at all. First, it made me happy to see them smiling about the free stuff that they got and second I saw that my brain is working properly in that direction, that I am not attached to things anymore.



My writing always is like very straight to the point. That’s what some people tell me; they love to read. But also I wanted to improve there. I wanted to make my articles more compelling and interesting, so I took a class about poetry and damn that’s fun. Even if I don’t write poems, but putting some elements of it here and there makes the writing more enjoyable and also adds some time for imagination how I felt in that certain situation.

Data Science

Who doesn’t like colorful graphs? I do! Because of all of that moving, I didn’t take that much time to advance in this part. I am now at the end of the first course and learned a lot. More of that you will able to read on dhauck.dev once I am done.

Use Trello more

Over the past month, I have created and tried out a lot of Trello boards, which I had in mind. Some of them didn’t work, but some ideas turned out pretty awesome, like a life balance board. I will write something about this in the next months when the process is more settled.


Yes, I know, there is still no data available here. As I told you, the process of the monthly review would change and grow over time. For example, I know put up a Trello board for this, to work out the topics that happened through the month and already prepare the review itself. More on that in the review of August, when I will use it the first time.

See you then!