2019 June

Let’s do the second monthly review. June was a very intense month, but also a great one. I again learned a lot of things about myself and also about other people. This month felt quite short, there are so many upcoming things. Some that I am excited for, like the vacation in Denmark, some that I would prefer to have already done, like the moving out of my apartment part.

Let’s go through it.

Main Events

Trainer License

On the 4th of June I had the first exam for my trainers license and to be honest, I didn’t plan in the time for learning properly, which resulted in two days of just putting my head into the courses and digging through. On the 17th I had the second part which is a presentation. All in all I made it and now I got the license to train people. In the end it’s just German bureaucracy that you have to go through…

My First Tattoo

I was thinking about getting tattooed for multiple years, but for a long time I wasn’t sure what should decorate my arm. At some day this sentence crossed my way; show up every day. That was exactly what I lived by, formulated in 4 words. At the beginning of my writing endeavor I decided if I will make it this sentence will make it to my arm, to remind me every single day of it. More about the sentence and the tattoo, you can find here.

Probably it won’t be the last one 😉


I am still on taking the writing classes, that you can see on my NOW page. I didn’t make that much progress on it, just because it is not that huge priority in my life right now.

About that reading part, that I wanted to share with you I have found a way and will publish that in July. Mainly it consists of a Twitter automation.


I will leave out the statistics part this month, I didn’t manage to prepare the necessary data. So this is a very short review.

Out of this review result a few tasks for myself to prepare this review:

  • Gather summary of appointment and places visited, maybe on heatmap or so
  • Gather favorite articles of every month in a list (mostly done)
  • Improve my measuring system
  • Automate all the things – just kidding, but I want this reviews to be more in depth, so I need more data on that