2019 May

Welcome to my first monthly review. As it is the first, don’t get to used to the format, probably I will change this over time.

Let me quickly summarize, what will go in here that I myself have an idea, what I want to put in there. At first, I want to give you a little overview of the things that happened throughout the month.

Be it goals that I have reached or milestones of goals that I have worked on. Also places I have traveled to, be it personal or work related. Another thing that I want to put in there are productivity related statistics, this will probably grow over time because I am adapting a lot of tools at the moment.

Enough information for the beginning, let’s just start.

Main Events

31 Days of Writing

My biggest goal in May was getting back to writing. So I set myself a goal to publish every single day in May which adds up to 31 articles. I knew it would be hard, because of a business trip and a few other little trips in May. In the end I made it. What I learned in this time you can read here.

Second Trip to Mumbai

One third of the month I spent in Mumbai. A part of my team is working there and therefore we are going there every few months. For me traveling and meeting new people is always a great thing, getting to know new cultures, trying different food, having great conversations, having a good time. Sometimes it was difficult sticking to my writing schedule there, I need to adapt there a little bit. Here you can read about, how I managed to get my ass up anyway.


I started to learn a lot about writing in this month, which happened naturally as I was working on my streak. Throughout May I read a ton of articles about creativity, consistency but also editorial systems and also changed mine from list to a Kanban board.

In the future I want to put the best articles that I read in a certain month here. To do that, I need to gather this data first somehow. I will think about that.


As I am quite into self improvement, I am also measuring myself a lot. In May I started to export this data everyday and running some analysis. I made some mistakes there and invested on the wrong end, so the data from May ain’t that valuable. While writing this post I am investing some time on the data gathering part, so hopefully I can tell you more about that at the end of June.

If I am able to fix this issues by June, I will let you know and update it here.


I like the outcome of the monthly review, because I needed to dive in, what I have worked on.

The month of May was really a great one. I learned a lot about myself while writing all the time. This quote describes really good how this feels to me:

“I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say.” ― Flannery O’Connor