42nd post – yeah – implicit vs explicit

18:31:17 – so it seams to be the 42nd day of writing and hell yeah, it feels good.

I haven’t cut the DEVLOG today, because we have a friend over here this evening. So what’s up anyway?

To be honest, I haven’t much to write about today, so let’s talk about my day. Let’s talk about simplicity vs implicity, if this is even a word.

I have a codebase in front of me, which is very explicit. That’s what the codex of python tells you. Explicit is better than implicit. What does this mean anyway?

It’s better to declare something than to assume it works because of several conditions, for example, it’s better to declare something, than to assume it’s declared by the framework, because maybe it’s not working the way you want.

But you shouldn’t take it to serious. E.g. I now have the problem of a picture that is declared and conditionally proofed like 15 times, but it doesn’t work anyway. It is checked for the existence of the file, the m-time of the file but what if its broken? Yep, the file exists and YES it could have an m-time too.

So what I am trying to tell you is, make sure that your code makes sense, rather than making it compliant to some coding standards. OK, thats it, see you tomorrow! 👋

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