A dog?

23:43:37 – I am still at my parents house, but this time at my laptop, way more comfortable to write on, than on my phone 😉

Today I spoke again with my girlfriend if we maybe want to get a dog. There are a lot of reasons for it, they relief stress, are good for you health and a lot more.

I was in contact to animals from my childhood on. If it were dogs, cats, sheep, cows, chicken, whatever. But my favorite animal always was the dog. The downside of a dog is the same as the biggest advantage, you have to take care of it.

I would never get a dog only to recongize, I can’t manage it, and put him out of the car on the highway or something stupid like this. At the moment it’s not an IF question for us, it’s the big WHEN question.

A few things we decided early on were;

  • We can’t get anything like a Sheperd or a Labrador, they need tons of walking, which we cannot do, as we live in the city in a apartment and do not have a huge garden
  • He has to be quite small, so we could probably take him on a plane
  • The small size is also a good point, because they don’t need that much run like a big Sheperd

So we already decided that’s probably gonna be a french bulldog. But let’s see what the future brings 🤷‍♂️ See you tomorrow! 👋

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