For about 8 months now, I am not working as a developer or engineer anymore. I am going more and more into the management path. Coordinating people and projects isn’t new for me, but doing it full-time is and of course I also need to learn a lot of new things.

BUT I am still a tech guy, the developer inside me isn’t gone forever. From time to time I am still doing little projects, building PoCs and stuff like this. And I want to give this a place, where I can ramble around about the outcome of these projects or ideas that are running around in my head.

And that’s why I started this new blog thing, where I will just put all my thoughts about development related things. It’s called simply I don’t have any monetary interest in this site and I probably won’t do any videos or any advertising or anything on this page, as originally wanted to do with Codalong (which is dead btw).

That’s basically it for the day. See you on 😉