A fresh design

Good morning world, yesterday I took the CSS grid course by wesbos, which is an amazing view on the news grid standard. Actually I wanted to build a new design for danielhauck.net as usual with bootstrap 4, but after seeing how simple grid is, I decide to do it with vanilla CSS.

It should be a simple design, focused on readability rather than too much fancy stuff. If you follow me on instagram, you could already see, the outcome of the design.

The rotated brand area on the top is the only fancy part 🤷‍♂️. The cool thing, when designing with Sketch, is that you can create shared styles and also shared text styles. It’s easy AF to play around with different fonts like this.

I like the outcome, clean and simple. And it will be also challenging for me to build it without any css framework.

Yesterday I talked about the Streak plugin I wanted to write. That didn’t really fit into my day. I wanted to stay on the frontend site for that day. I need to integrate something for this into my daily themes, a special weekday for frontend and UI design.

Back to the theme. I started recording some things and I want to try out a video format called DEVLOG, so something between vlogging and development. Maybe I will start this evening with it. And that is going to be the development of the theme for this blog.

30 seconds left. The 10 minutes writing every morning feels great. I reflect each day way better and feel more productive. See you tomorrow!