A Hard Decision – Kind of

Ouh boy, it’s again 22:25.

I made a kind of hard decision today; the blog hauck.io will be turned completely down. That’s it for today, see you tomorrow!

Ok just joking, let me explain. A little history lesson: I have started hauck.io back in 2012/2013 I think. Back then it was named hauckdaniel.de, in 2015 I renamed it to blog.hauck.io and then some time later, I cut off the blog in front.

First I published little blog posts about sysadmin and development stuff. Some things like, how to generate a QR code and how to use some command line utils. It was just a fun project, I didn’t know about blogging, what I did today. I’ve just written, switched more themes than I had articles, I was playing around a bit.

Then in June 2015 I landed a great hit. I’ve written an article called “Get your Google Calendar into TMUX” and it was a freaking hit. Someone put it on hackernews and for a short was on position 1. This blog post is btw still the number one in case of total views. That day was the first time I have ever thought about professional blogging. Since today I couldn’t get rid of this idea. Making a living by writing and producing content. From that day I experimented with various things like SEO and social media. But sadly you can see this on my blog hauck.io right now. It’s cluttered with plugins, so called strategies and so on. And that’s the point, it has way to much history.

There was the sysadmin part, the development part, the app part, the soft skills part. That’s too much for one blog. The first decision fell in January 2018, the development part has a new home; codalong.com. I thought about relaunching hauck.io several times. But what to do with the old content? Leave it there? What to call it? How to market it, what is it in general?

Too much questions, I don’t want to answer. So there is only one answer in the end, I will retire the blog entirely. I am still working on productivity content a lot, I just need a frame, or a boundary to put it in, and also a name for that project.

Ok, that was slightly over 10 minutes, but that’s an important topic for me. See you tomorrow, where I will probably talk about March, THE FRONTEND MONTH!

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