A New Chapter Opens

Last week I finally closed the door to my old apartment, and so I did to my old life. The next day I am sitting in my room in my shared apartment, after having a Gin Tonic and talk about life with strangers.

I never could have thought about moving into a shared apartment with 26, with having all of the stuff and that standard I lived with. Let‘s see how this comes out. That‘s not what I want to write about today. Today‘s blog post will be mostly about starting again, keeping up that starter spirit, embracing uncertainty.

Getting Out Of That Comfort Zone

I quit that old apartment three months ago, without having an idea where to go. Still, I had that plan B; if nothing works out, I will just rent an AirBNB until I find someplace to stay. Until the 19th of July, I had no freaking idea where to go. But somehow I was still relaxed, I let go. I let go of any idea, how my new apartment could be, where it could be and also of any expectations what it should have.

When I started the search I was like, I want

  • elevator
  • parking place
  • balcony
  • at least 65 square meters

Where I landed, in the end, doesn‘t match any criteria of that. I am living in a shared apartment on the 5th floor, without an elevator or balcony and I have to keep my car at the office because parking place is rare in Stuttgart.

Sure, it will take some time for my spoiled ass to get used to walking up to the 5th floor multiple times every day. On the other hand, it‘s priceless. It‘s still a good feeling, going an unknown path. Who knows what will be next? Life always had good surprises for me.

Embrace Uncertainty

I took this offer for some reasons. To sum it up, I don‘t have to take care of anything, except myself. The room has furniture that also looks cool. It‘s minimalistic, but guess what, I like that. There is a cleaning service, and everything that you need is here. I mean, they told me, you can move in with a suitcase. That‘s what I mostly did.

At the moment I have no idea, if I like it, if not, I still can take a look at other apartments. But I want to give it a try. With this apartment, I am free for everything else, as I don‘t have to take care of anything like buying furniture or taking care of the surroundings.