A Productive Sunday

Hey guys, so it’s 23:08 and yes it is planned, that todays 10 minutes come that late. I had a damn productive day, even if I got up very late.

After waking up and having a coffee, my girlfriend and me went to the gym for about 1 hour and 30 minutes, after a quick shower and lunch I sat down and started working on some stuff. Some tasks for codalong, some for danielhauck.net, the usual stuff, some admin stuff for my websites and so on.

Later that day I decided to watch some lessons on a video course by Wes Bos, which does the best video courses out there.

The problem here was that I got stuck on some topic, after trying to fix it and googling and not finding any answer, I was nearly on the point to putting down and telling myself; nah I am too tired to do this. But guess what, I decided to fix it and push trough and yeah, after a while I fixed it (it was a typo 🤦‍♂️). After fixing the bug I was still pumped and I am still hyped.

Another topic that came to my mind, while speaking to a former coworker yesterday is, that I haven’t had an idea about Node or Javascript in general one year back and now I am very savvy in it, which is quite cool. What I want to tell you by this is, you don’t have to stick to a stack or a language or even a job. If you put in the effort, you can reinvent yourself in a short amount of time.

Especially in tech. If you got a general understanding of programming and some concepts, the language doesn’t matter that much.

10 Minutes, are over! See you tomorrow guys!