A WordPress Streak Plugin

The third day of writing for 10 minutes just begun at 12:29. We were out with some friends yesterday, so that’s cool 😉

I had this idea, to measure and display my current writing streak to my blog. The first thought was, it’s not that trivial, because I thought I need it as a SQL query. That would be a quite big query and hard to understand. The next problem was that I already was on the way, so I hadn’t my Macbook with me to try it out. So I started writing pseudo code into my phone.

The outcome for the plugins code is quite simple and easy to understand. I will code it later today. When it’s done and works I will submit it to the WordPress plugin repository and you can just grab it there.

First I have to work on another project, a WordPress theme plus the content migration for it. Hopefully I will finish this today, to get it out of my head.

What else? It is snowing now for hours, so I am more motivated to sit in office and put in a lot of hours today. We got the plan to hit the gym at 8PM, because it probably will be empty by that time, we will see.

Much more won’t happen today. I am making good progress on finalizing the concepts for codalong.com and also for hauck.io. Maybe more about that tomorrow, when I have put in a few hours. See you then!

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