Accept that you can’t know everything

22:28:50 – Yeah, I am here before 11 PM. That’s what I call progress 🤷‍♀️

So today I was on a meetup again, about Docker. Docker had it’s fifth birthday. For me the most valuable thing on meetups aren’t the sessions itself, it’s the exchange with other people that have a similar job and similar interests.

As I am progressing from a sysadmin to developer I have to realize and accept that I can’t have the 100 percent knowledge of all the newest stuff anymore, which is totally cool for me. But that’s a major thing I had to learn.

There is a quote that says something like, only if you know about not knowing you can succeed. Probably the quote is totally different, and way clearer than my attempt, but I think you get what I mean. Being honest about your skills and your knowledge is very important. So if come in a room and claim to know about everything you won’t learn something new.

Instead if you just listen, you will get inspiration and different views about topics and learn something new.

For example I was in a session about multiple build steps for Docker images. It isn’t a big topic on the first look, but when you dive in deeper and discuss with other people about it, you quickly get a lot of use cases and a ton of important information that wouldn’t get by claiming what professional guy you are.

Ok that’s it for today, I will work on codalong for 30 minutes to an hour or so and than go to bed, see you tomorrow! 👋 22:38:10

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