AirPods after 1 week – they haven’t been empty yet.

17:12:52 – Ok since we got friends over here and they will surely stay longer than 12 PM I have to do my writing now 🤷‍♀️

I already prepared the meat for the burgers and now have some time left 👍

Today I want to talk again about the Apple AirPods. I own these thing for a week now and I have to admit, I am impressed.

Before I owned a ton of headphones. From AKG, to Beats, to cheap Ankers (which are impressive) and some more. If you know me, I don’t like to have cables on my desk or have cables in general. In the gym I like to listen to audio books or podcasts and when I move around I will always pull cables out of my ear. Even with the wireless earbuds from Anker, they will fall out at some time. The next issue is the battery. It’s always empty when you need it 🤦‍♂️. Whenever I could I put the earbuds on a powerbank or plugged them into my laptop. But sometimes I just missed it. And now the AirPods seem to be solving all of my issues.

Honestly, they haven’t been empty yet. When I am not listening I put them in the charging case and every two days I put them onto the charger and like I mentioned I never ran out of battery, I never had to stop listening or calling and put them in the case to charge them. Apple says when you put them in the case for 15 minutes you can listen 3 hours again and that’s really awesome.

So now I can listen to even more podcasts and audiobooks because they connect totally seamless either to my MacBook, iPhone or iPad. I don’t have to turn the bluetooth on any device off, to connect them to another. In most cases I just pull them out and they connect to the right device 👍 Like magic 😀.

Next thing; do they fall out? No, they have never fallen out of my ears, not in the gym, while running, lifting weights, walking around, never. They only time I have to put them out is when I undress from a pullover or something like this.

I have never been more satisfied with headphones. 17:23:46 See you tomorrow! 👋

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