Are mechanical keyboards worth it?

23:39:18 – Today I cleaned up my mechanical keyboard and asked myself, are they worth it?

The most important thing of course is the typing experience. And yes, it improves it a lot. Your hands aren’t getting tired that fast, as if they would for example on the magic keyboard from Apple. Also when you got bigger hands like I do, you won’t press as much keys by accident, as you would with a normal keyboard, because there is a bigger hub. In my opinion I also type faster than with any other keyboard, because you can feel the keys better than on a flat surface like on this (I think it’s called like that) chiclet keyboard with scissor keys.

Another big thing is the style of the keyboard. As you can buy every part seperate, you can get a yellow housing and green keys and also get seperate switches from cherry of whatever vendor. But the custom options don’t end here. Some mechanical keyboards also have custom backlight options, which range from a single color, like white or blue, to RGB LEDs, or even fancy animations to displaying GIFs. Even if not totally necessary, it adds a special style to your keyboard and your whole workspace and is nice to look at.

Disadvantages are, most mechanicals keyboard aren’t wireless, which really sucks for me, because I like to have my setup wireless, I also thought about drilling a hole into my desk, to hide the cables. The ones I’ve tested, that advertised to have wireless functionality have such a huge input lag, that it’s just not usable for me.

So all in all, if you want a good keyboard for long writing or coding sessions, try a mechanical keyboard, good ones start at 50 to 60 dollars.

That’s all for today guys, see you tomorrow!

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