Why I am Writing

I am sitting in an Irish Pub with Dave while writing this article. Actually it should be named Why I am blogging, but he had a point. It‘s actually not about blogging, it‘s about writing. So here are my reasons why I am writing this blog, why I am writing my journal, why I am […]

Why I am using a Paper Notebook for Planning my Day

In my previous post I mentioned that I switch back to a paper notebook for certain things like planning my day. For a guy that those everything on purpose and likes to have everything available on his phone, tablet and notebook, this has to have a very good reason doing it an analog way. Let […]

What does Self Management mean to me

Working in an environment where you are wearing many different hats can be quite intense. I am the tech lead at a e-commerce company and I got quite a few duties there. On the other side I am investing a lot into myself, time and energy. Indeed, that is a lot to take care off […]

The Routines that Drive my Day

Yesterday we talked a bit about planning your day, but I totally let out a major part, that helps me every day; routines. When I started to think more about productivity and a meaningful life, I also read a lot about creating routines. Fixed procedures in a fixed timeline that should help you to start […]

Why And How To Prepare For The Next Day

Yesterday we talked a little about how important it is to bring some margin into your planning. Simple said, because it will save your ass. What we didn’t talk about at all is planning your day. Let’s do that, first I will tell you why it’s so important to plan your day and then how […]

Plan Margin

The last few weeks have been quite intense for me. Appointments over and over, traveling, starting my writing challenge, challenging myself even a bit more… I experienced days where I thought that’s it, here is the limit. I cannot push myself any further. But instead of giving up on my challenge, I did another thing; […]

An approach to turning down the noise

This topic fits kind of well, today I got some noise canceling headphones. I really thought about that for a long time and finally went out to get some. I am just wearing them while writing this blog post. There will be at least a short review about them some time in the future. What […]

Don’t try to please anyone

At the moment I am sitting in train from Duisburg to Stuttgart and I had some time to think about the past and things I experienced in my life. And since I am visiting my parents on the weekend I also thought a little about my childhood. I actually had a great childhood and have […]

Things you NEED to buy

When I was also doing reviews on YouTube I watched a lot of this bigger YouTubers that this unboxing and gear videos. They had titles like 10 things every videomaker needs or 10 gadgets you neeed for your mac. Back then, I basically also purchased some of that stuff. Today, as I am into minimalism […]

Hanlon‘s razor

Today I was pointed to a topic by one of my colleagues and thought it would make a great topic for this blog; Hanlon‘s Razor. It tells the following; „Never attribute malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.“ Let‘s dig a little into this. People are not evil Since I have read this like […]