Back to the basics

23:13:45 Again a bit a lazy day. We had a friend over yesterday and it got late.

But let’s get to the productive part of the day, which was heading back to some basics. I revisited CSS a bit. I always see these amazing pens on and always think about how they could work. Since I mostly work on the backend of software I don’t really have the time to put much effort in my CSS.

As I want to build a few themes and stuff I thought I could spend some theme on checking out CSS animations and some positioning stuff. Also on grid and flexbox. And it paid. I just need to stick to it, to not have the same problem again in half a year from now.

I am thinking about a little challenge for myself, something like 100 Days of CSS, where I put out hundred code pens with increasing complexity. But first I have to finish some other things before I get onto that.

What else? I am just about reinstalling my windows PC, because 1) I want to play some games, 2) I want to build a development setup I can get along with on Windows. I see more and more people switching back to windows, from linux or mac. With the subsystem for linux and some other changes it doesn’t seam to be so bad anymore, so I want to give it a try.

That’s it! See your tomorrow!

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