Backend Month done + DEVLOG progress

Yesterday I realized; I AM ON TIME, with my learning plan. I wanted to look at it, because I thought, damn I am late again.

Suprise, suprise, I am on time. February just finishes today and I have finished my NodeJS course.

So I am stocked working on some other things than writing down Mongoose queries or things like

exports.dumbController = (req, res) => { ...

I will now start with the backend of my training app, which will be all about time tracking. Over the month of February I got soooooooooooo many ideas, what the app could do, to improve my time tracking, I am hyped to work on it 😺.

110 words in 5 minutes, bad writing day. Another thing I could talk about is DEVLOG, I haven’t had time to edit it right now. But I’ve also recorded a few scenes across the week that could go into it. Maybe the first season won’t be even published, because it sucks. But I am still thinking about it.

Also I prepared for my Frontend month a few seconds ago, by purchasing Wes Bos course React for beginners some minutes ago. I am already very profound in Angular 2+, but I wanted to learn something totally new and after Facebook changed the licensing of React, the community seems to grow even faster than the Angular community. It’s always good to know more than one framework and being able to compare.

But(!) I am even more hyped for April, because that will be MOBILE month. Can’t wait to build the mobile version of my time tracking app.

Enough for today! See you tomorrow 👋

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