Be a decision maker 6/140

Everyday there are a ton of decisions to make. Some are smaller, some are bigger. What should I wear, where should I eat, which job should I take, should I buy that car?

You see, big and small decisions. In one post I have written, you can neglect choice to make your life a lot easier, by just making a lot of decisions upfront. Especially what you could wear and eat that day.

You cannot prepare all the decisions in your life and that’s why you need to train yourself in making them.

Often I am around people where nobody wants to make a decision, because they don’t want top piss anybody off. Guess who makes the decisions then 🤷‍♂️ But don’t bel afraid to be the decisionmaker here. The most people are greatful that they don’t have to decide, for example where you will eat lunch.

But these are unimportant decisions. When it comes to business decisions or family planing decisions, most people push the answer to some point in time. And there never will be a decision. Of course in business and family there can be situations, where you have to wait for some data. Then make an appointment for the decision, when you are likely to have the data. But then, make the decision don’t say you will meet in 2 weeks and make the decision, do it NOW!

By making decisions over and over again, you will get trained in it and it get’s easier. So to close it for today, be a decision maker!

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