Be ready when Creativity sparks

Be ready when Creativity sparks

I wrote a lot about what to do when you don’t feel like it or how to start. But there are also moments, where you just feel like it and I get these more and more often in the past few weeks. And when I encounter these moments, I want to be ready.

It is now half past 12 PM in the night and I am sitting at the station in Stuttgart with the iPad in my hand and just felt like writing. Be it the beer or the productive day behind me, I just feel like writing something.

Be prepared

This goes back to my planning. I always have some topics in my writing backlog prepared that I could about when I got some time. But especially these are also helpful, when I just feel like writing.

On the other hand I also got an endless collection of audio logs that didn’t even make it into the Trello board I am using for my writing topics. Sometimes, at least in my opinion, the best articles can come out of nothing.

The other side of preparation focuses on your tools. I am always carrying my iPad with me or in other cases a small bluetooth keyboard, that I could connect to my phone. In the past I have often written some articles on my phone that was attached to a bluetooth keyboard. Leaning my phone against a glass or some other object and typing out an article that I have in my mind is just great.

Don’t let it slip

When you really get into the mood of creating something, don’t wait. Don‘t wait for some time that will come to create it. It will slip.

I often had ideas to write about, articles with headlines already in my head. And if I didn‘t capture that thought, it was gone. If you really do not have the option to write it down in that certain situation, use your phone, create a voice memo with at least the basic information like some points about the thing you want to create. And please don‘t care about other people at the moment. You shouldn‘t feel awkward for capturing your thoughts.

Train that Muscle

This getting up and creating is a habit like anything else that you are doing on a regular basis in life. If you are not using and keeping it up, it will go away. So, use it.

That is also a preparation for bad times. If you are continuously writing every day, it also gets easier if you are not felling it.

Do it every day, day by day, week by week and make it a habit to continuously get up and create some piece every single day.