Bored or burned?

22:33:59 – I can smell change in the air, and hell yes, it smells good.

We have spent Sunday and Monday at my girlfriends parents in the black forest. I haven’t spend much time on the laptop there, but I have read a few things. And one or multiple articles made me think about the headline here.

It seams to me that I am slightly overworked in the last months, but on the other side I am starting Codalong, a totally new project, which will take up a lot of time. So am I really overworked? Or am I just bored? No more excited about what I do?

That question is not as easy to answer as I’d like to. I took a walk this evening, an hour or so. And I tried to skate again, which totally gets into the legs 🤦‍♂️. On the way I thought about my current tasks and duties. And I came to an answer, which you will probably read about in the next few days or a week or so.

But to not leave you totally unsatisfied here, I want to give you the same question. Are you near a burnout? Or are you just no more excited? Is your job not full filling you? Do you believe in the projects or the company you work?

Before saying I am screwed, I can’t work anymore, I am burned out, take a walk, alone, without your phone or any distraction and deeply think about it. Are you overworked, or just not excited anymore? When was the last time you were excited about something? Your first day at a new job? Think about it.

That’s it guys, see you tomorrow! 👋 22:43:19

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