Breaking the streak – not by accident

06:37:25 Good morning 😎On Friday I broke my writing streak after posting 69 days in a row. This was on purpose. This Friday I made a huge decision, which will change a lot and so I decided to give my brain a few days to think and wonder and create nothing. Let myself reboot, in some way.

So it’s Wednesday morning, meanwhile 06:42:26. I haven’t got much written down in 5 minutes, because I needed so much time to form the first paragraph and try to find the right words.

After 3 and a half days of not writing and not be doing any creative work, I have gained new power. Also new ideas, new momentum. I have a new technique for the 10 minutes posts, and I have prepared other posts for this blog. I have removed the deadline from Codalong, since I couldn’t make it last week or even this week.

I will give you a date, when the end is in sight 😉 Let’s rock! 🤘

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