But where to get rid of ALL THE THINGS

Since I started to think about all that minimalism stuff, the one question that bothers me most is not, how to choose what I want to get rid off. Instead, it’s where to get rid of all the stuff.

Probably since IT school or even earlier I started to hoard stuff. Be it computers or cabels or clothes or anything else. I really got tons of stuff. And when I was unhappy, I even purchased more, and more, and more. But that’s not the story of today. That’s a story for another time.

For the last two months, I really have a good schedule of getting rid of stuff. Not too much and not every day. But at least one time a week, I spend my evening decluttering. At the moment I am decluttering my office, next is the basement, then my closet. But that’s also not the thing for today 😉

The thing is, when I started reading about minimalism, I thought, yeah nice, but then I need to drive every day to the recycling depot or sell everything on eBay, I want quicker results, and that held me back. Not knowing where to get rid of the things, really was a problem.

I am very conservative about what I throw into the trash and since I live in Germany, there are of course rules for everything. But if you just take a short look into the regulations (they all have websites btw), you will recognize, it’s not that bad. And you could throw almost everything into it, with a few exceptions. Just do a quick search on Google with your city name and trash and you should get some results.

The next thing is, selling stuff. Since I started, I only sold one thing and that was a lens for 500 Euro. The rest I have put into eBay for free. Things that cost less than 20 Euro, I just give away for free. Why am I doing this? Nobody is willing to buy such things and you will keep them forever there. And you won’t get anywhere, so I just put them in for free and in most cases I can get rid of them in a few days or even hours. And a big plus, I can make somebody else happy with that.

One thought on “But where to get rid of ALL THE THINGS

  1. Ich bin stolz auf meinen Sohn und seinen Gedanken und ich weiß das er alles schafft was er sich vornimmt. Es ist schön das er seinen Mitmenschen daran teilhaben lässt und sie zum Nachdenken anregt.

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