Care about your Environment - Start somewhere

To be totally honest, in the past I didn’t care about the environment that much. I didn’t think about what I am buying, how much plastic is wrapped around it or what it does to the environment. This changed when I got more and more into Minimalism.

Start small

I think it started when I followed Pointless Packaging on Instagram. At first I was laughing about it, how these idiot triple pack their food; a banana wrapped in plastic, seriously? But then I thought about it a lot. Am I doing it different? Are you doing it different?

Actually I didn’t. I mean I wasn’t wrapping a banana into plastic, but I used a lot of plastic bags, every single day. I didn’t give a fuck. And then it really started to annoy me. I started to care.

I started with avoiding plastic bags, which is actually fairly easy. Just carry one reusable in your backpack, another in your car and so on.

And Grow

After avoiding plastic I also considered other areas in my life, where I could improve something which also had positive side effects. More on that later.

Next for me was observation, what I use during the day. Things like my teeth brush, or bathroom articles that are always sold with tons in it or around it. Just replacing this things for the sake of having used less plastic doesn’t make sense, but considering it for the future does.

Don’t stress

You aren’t saving the world in one day. It’s about continuous improvement. It’s about changing and adjusting your behavior over time and not in a single day.

When you can avoid 99 plastic cups and taking that plastic cup when you don’t have another option you’ve already won.

Over time, you will also learn, what and where to buy stuff. I am also in the process of learning here. Not everything that is claiming to be good for the environment is a good thing in the end…

Don’t stress out, take your time, inform yourself. One step after another is better than no step at all.