My phone screen in October 2019 – And Why

Last week I was sitting there and getting just a bit annoyed by my phone, it seemed cluttered. Usually I had a very clean layout of a 4×4 grid. 4 folders on the top: Work Connect Go Sift The idea behind this is to cluster the apps I am mostly using. But as I am […]

I don’t know – say it

When I entered the job world after finishing IT school I thought I know everything, luckily I didn’t. I was standing there, thinking I am ready to tackle just anything. Luckily I fell on my nose pretty quickly. I didn’t know anything, yeah in school I learned how to do this and that, but I […]

Someday – The Day that will never come

How often you told yourself Some day I will be this or Some day I will do that? Let me tell you, that magical Some day will never come unless you don‘t start taking action. You will die – that‘s for sure If you lost loved ones, or heard of people dying, young and old, […]

Opportunities don’t wait until you are ready

From the first of October on I will take on the next step in my career. I will be the head of web development in the company I am working for and be responsible for nearly 30 developers, ops guys, ​and data engineers. For me, that is huge. It won’t be easy, it’s also new […]

You cannot buy into a Dream

I know, you want to be that great athlete from the latest TV commercial. And the ad promises you, that you can make it just because of these awesome shiny shoes with a triple foam wtf sole. Go buy them. Or better stick here and read my article, save your money and learn something. The […]

Motivate yourself through negative Experiences

Motivating yourself is not always easy, it can be really hard to get your ass of the couch sometimes. While some people and some really awesome blogs (how shameless), try it with positive approaches, today I want to talk about the opposite. How to motivate yourself with negative experiences. When you fail your routine Since […]

About Priorities and Goals

Currently I am sitting on the Feuersee in Stuttgart, which quickly became one of my most favorite places to sit and write. There are always people around here. Different characters and stories, which also can be inspiring for topics to write about. For the rest of the day I have not that much planned, as […]

How thoughts affect my life

3358 kilometers until we arrive in Mumbai. Here in the cabin of the plane, you always can enjoy some uninterrupted thoughts. There are no phone calls, emails, or anything ringing and beeping. Of course, other factors could disturb you, but for me, it’s way more enjoyable to think and write on a plane than on […]

The Not-Todo List

The difference between highly successful people and the average is often not the things they do. Instead, it’s what they are not doing. It’s what they are not doing, to focus on their goals and have the needed margin. In the past, I had so many projects going on, three blogs, wanted to learn a […]

Do you need to “fit” in?

Today I had a discussion with a colleague of mine, about the podcast I want to start this month. I talked about which categories it should fit in and how I was working on categorizing my blog, trying to fit my articles into certain tags and how cumbersome this activity was. His words and opinion […]