2019 August

I never had a month like this one, that felt so long and valuable. In August, I moved into my new home, got to know some new people, and learned a lot. Also, I discovered a new place where I now love to spend a lot of time after a busy day. Main Events New […]

2019 July

Well, actually this was a pretty good and intense month when I look back. To get my apartment empty, I gave away a lot of things and met new people through that. Sadly I haven’t advanced on the Data Science part which means, there will be again no stats this time. Main Events Denmark Vacation […]

2019 June

Let’s do the second monthly review. June was a very intense month, but also a great one. I again learned a lot of things about myself and also about other people. This month felt quite short, there are so many upcoming things. Some that I am excited for, like the vacation in Denmark, some that […]

2019 May

Welcome to my first monthly review. As it is the first, don’t get to used to the format, probably I will change this over time. Let me quickly summarize, what will go in here that I myself have an idea, what I want to put in there. At first, I want to give you a […]