Challenge 01 - No Alcohol

I don't give much to months and calendars in general, but they offer an excellent border for doing things like challenges. So for 2020, I will do 12 challenges (together with my girlfriend).

And what would fit better than to start with a challenge for not drinking alcohol?

I am not a huge drinker, that's not the issue. For me, the problem with alcohol is that it is the cheapest, everywhere available, and socially accepted drug on the planet. It's even celebrated and appreciated when you are drinking expensive stuff; then you are somebody.

And on the other hand, if you cannot drink because you are the driver or something, you are the poor guy. But even worse it gets when you don't want to drink.

In 2017 I didn't drink alcohol for I think four months. It was quite natural then.

But now as I am living in the city and you are meeting someone, it's quite usual to meet for a beer. So let's see if this becomes a challenge or if it's too easy.

Of course, I won't make a big party at the end of January, where I drink myself into a coma. I will continue as long as I want to.