Challenge 02 - Let's Become Vegan

It's February, and the no-alcohol challenge is over. Time to remove every animal products from my diet.

Now I could tell you, "I just eat cheese, nothing else," but even that is tightly coupled to the livestock farming. And I usually also eat cake, chocolate and all the stuff that contains milk or milk powder.

And if you look into the ingredients of some groceries, you probably didn't guess that they contain milk powder.

So, time to see how we can live without animal products entirely.

Do I have a plan?

Not really. Since the beginning of the year, I wasn't eating that much anyway. I substituted at least one meal a day with a protein shake.

The secret plan is to think more about what I eat. Eat more whole foods again. And put more thought into it.

It doesn't belong only to vegan food, but I want to look more into my grocery habits as well. Things like the packaging and where the food is coming from.

Do the farmers earn enough money to live or do they have to suffer? Also, if you are not vegan, you should look into that kind of thing. Look where your eggs, your milk, and the other stuff is coming from.

And don't buy chocolate from any big corporations, they are all evil anyway ;)

I will, of course, tell you after that month how it went.