Codalong gets real

22:27:04 I have worked on Codalong a lot. Ideas, Content, Layout, Design and so on. But now it starts to get real. The domain is registered for a long time now, next week I will totally dedicate to get it online.

I had the blog, which was development and sysadmin stuff first, but as you may have read, it down for a reason. Codalong will be the place where I publish my development and tech related stuff. I am hyped to bring it online 😉 I have at least 5 tutorial series in the making.

But let’s talk about the current status. Today I have purchased a logo for it. I also have tested the technology I will use behind it.

So here is the plan:

  • Monday: Finish the planning and create all the channels I need, so the YouTube Channel, Social Media, Slack, Instagram bla bla bla
  • Tuesday: Setup the WordPress backend, which won’t be visible to anybody but me
  • Wednesday – Friday: Start to develop the frontend application, which will be powered by React and Gatsby
  • Saturday – Sunday: Get some people to look over the application and hopefully get some valuable feedback

As I work on an usual 9 – 5 job I cannot dedicate whole days to the project, but at the end of Sunday I should have good prototype of Codalong and see where I have to work on the get Codalong out in the wild. I am excited!

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