Codalong Update

23:20:34- Grml, still no devlog in sight… BUT good news, my proof of concept works.

I don’t wanted to publish a vlog, where I sit in front of the screen and scream at the code and read JS docs all the time and so on, so nope, there won’t be a vlog about it for now.

I decided to start the video series, when at least my proof of concept works, for the way I want to use it. And BAM it’s here, today I finally got all of the graphQL stuff working like it’s supposed to. I got videos, playlists, slug and all the great stuff you could expect.

The frontend looks like garbage at the moment, but that’s what I want to tackle over the next few days; styling the whole app.

What where the biggest pitfalls I had with Gatsby so far?

  • Getting used to graphQL; when you are developing applications for many many years, and using REST APIs all time; graphQL isn’t very handy at first, because you have to query every single field in order to get it. (Yeah, that’s one of the superpowers of graphQL)
  • Thinking in React; TBH this is my first real world React project. Before that I just tinkered around with it and I have to get used to all the component stuff

Ok, that’s already for today’s blog post, see you tomorrow, hopefully with more updates! 👋

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