Codalong – Update

23:34:37 If you have read the post from Monday you probably know that this week is dedicated to work on

Today I have setup the infrastructure behind the project, which consists of a WordPress instance, which is only reachable via my VPN and also did some work on securing it. As I have setup at least a few hundred that really wasn’t an issue.

It’s up and running and a first test with Gatsby went well. So I had time to spent on other things; like for example the YouTube API.

I decided I want to have at least a bit of control and don’t just display all playlists that exist in YouTube, instead I put in 2 hours of making the plugin configurable, so you can define playlists by key and add seperate thumbnails and so on.

The next thing that took up a huge amount of my evening was my PC. I have a workstation with in i7, 16 GB of RAM and an older NVidia graphics card in it. Since my laptop seems to start flying when I want to start a live stream on youtube, I wanted to make in a Hackintosh and use it for streaming and video editing. Of course nothing works out of the box. When I got some news or learnings on this, you will know it first 👍

That’s pretty much it for today. Tomorrow after the gym I will start developing on the real codalong platform, since I only tested everything and made little proof of concepts 🙇‍♂️

And yep, I will film a ton about it and finally get some vlogs out again before I start producing content for codalong 😉 See you! 👋

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