Compensate yesterday 3/140

At the moment, I am totally unhappy with my home office. It’s cluttered, there is so much stuff just laying around. After leaving my previous job and had to give away my car, I just put everything inside there. The cat likes it, since it’s a playground with boxes and stuff 🤷‍♂️ But it’s also annoying when I am working there and she is walking around and throwing stuff around.

The plan was to get rid of all the chaos yesterday, but as you may have read, I wasted 3 hours yesterday because of some chaos in public transport, which resulted in leaving the mess alone 😉

So today, I am trying to compensate yesterday. I have gotten up at 6, was in the train at 06:30 and already began working. So I will be home today quite early and finally get to put some work into my office and make it more enjoyable sitting in there.

Another funny thing; cat content works 🤔 I have uploaded the pic of my screen with our cat in front of it and it got about 350 likes or so 🤷‍♂️

See you tomorrow! 👋

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