Create a Distraction Free Device

23:18:23 I have read an article about creating a distraction free device on lifehacker some years ago. Basically it means to put everything that could distract you on a separate device like a tablet. This is what I am trying over the last days, here is my progress and my thoughts.

My main device is a 13 Inch MacBook Pro, there I write my code, write all my blog posts, do all my video editing and so on. Plus I had a ton of distracting stuff on there, like messengers, email and tons of tiny helpers. All in all, this stuff not only becomes annoying as fuck, it drains the battery life of my MacBook especially, when I don’t have a power outlet near me.

So I remembered the lifehacker article and thought about to either make my iPad my distraction free device or my MacBook. The decision was quick because most of my daily I cannot get done on the iPad. So I opened up my applications on the Mac and went through. I deleted tons of apps. Day One, Slack, Skype, WhatsApp all gone. Now they only live on my iPad.

The first days this really is annoying, because I had to always look on my iPad or my phone, when I wanted to write a quick message. But you quickly realize, most of the messages aren’t that important, that you couldn’t batch them up.

Maybe some of the apps will get back on my Mac sometime, but then with autoquit after 5 minutes. Another positive point, I have 50 GB more space on my SSD, because of all the cache files. WIN – WIN. See you tomorrow guys! 👋

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