Create space for improvement

You got high ambitions, I trust you. You want that sixpack. You want to be a CEO. You want to start that running habit. You want to get more focused.

I get it, you would do all the things if there was just more time and headspace available, but in this busy world, it's just impossible. Life is hard, I know.

Ok, stop complaining. It's not that complicated.

Make a sacrifice

The gods of meaningfulness demand a sacrifice. Ok, let's not be dramatic, but if it helps you, treat it like that.

Or let's say it differently, your NEW-YOU demands a sacrifice. There are things in life that are holding you back from accomplishing what you want.

To be able to become a different person and make room for improvement, you need to let something go. For me, that was pretty clear; I am generally a very addictive person. Even worse when it comes to gaming.

I don't just play video games for two hours and stop; I play the whole night and get to work tired the next day. Video games have ever since been in my way.

So when it came to choosing what I will give it, it was hard, but it was also clear that it will be video games. It's over a year now that I haven't been playing first-person shooters.

Right after making the decision, I removed all the things that could trigger me to play video games. I gave my gaming PC to a friend, unplugged my PlayStation, and so on.

And the critical part, I started to use the current available time for something useful, myself. I am working on myself, thinking clearly, writing.

There suddenly was room for more, and there was clarity in front of me. Sure it wasn't always easy. But when I look back to January 2019, I can tell you it was worth it, and it triggered so much more.

Since I made the space for improvement in my life, there has been like a chain reaction of positive happenings that don't even look like it has an end.

Daniel Hauck

Daniel Hauck