Daily Season 2 – Commitment

The first time I have written daily I made it for 69 days. It was a mind changing experience. I was obsessed with writing daily. Every day at 11 PM my inner watch started ticking and told me, sit on you ass and write. But then one day I ended the streak, because I wanted to give myself the chance to reinvent the idea of the 10 minutes writing.

Now it’s time for a new commitment. Last time it was 69 posting in a row. I want to double it. 138 isn’t a nice number, so let’s make at least 140 posts in a row. If I asked Google right, it’s until the 7th of November, which sounds a little bit overwhelming first. But that’s what’s all about; COMMITMENT.

Plus I want to make another commitment here. From now on, this blog will be written mobile only. That’s nothing too big, since I am writing it on the iPad most of the time, but from now on, it will be all written and published on my iPhone.

Until November, there should have changed a few things, that will bring some interesting topics to the blog. In July I will go to Croatia for about a week. In August I will start my job at another company. I hope until November we will also have visited Hamburg and Amsterdam for a weekend. Last but not least, Codalong will be online until November and the first courses will be available.

A lot to come, and I hope that’s not all that will happen 😉 You never know! See you tomorrow morning!

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