Datenight – Don’t take your Relationsship for granted

20:08:18 – I am having a beer, so if you got something to drink, beer, coffee, water, whatever; CHEERS!

Yesterday I had a great date with my girlfriend. We bought a dinner, some south american meat thing, on groupon (it’s by the way a great thing to try new stuff). It was nearly 70 km far away, but every minute in the car was worth it, the food was amazing. You could try tons of different meat flavors, from pork to beef to chicken to deer. Made in different styles, it was fantastic.

BUT the even more important on yesterdays evening is spending some one on one quality time with my girl. If you have a relationship, don’t take everything for granted, the honeymoon phase will be over sooner than later. Day to day life will hunt you down, ok that sounds evil, but you have to do something for your relationship, to keep it working. We both work very very hard, and sometimes when we get home from work, we are just to tired or one wants to meet friends or go to an afterwork meetup or something like this. But once a week, and don’t tell me you aren’t able to make it, we go out and spend some time, just with the two of us.

In that time, we try to not look at our phones or reacting to messages. Of course we are taking photos of the great food 🤷‍♀️. We are not insane 👍. Just a little side note here; things like going to the cinema shouldn’t be your datenight, it’s kind of passive, do something where you can interact with each other and talk to each other. 

If you don’t spend some quality time together, just you two, it won’t work and a relationship needs work. So make a special day, each week and show your partner how much you appreciate them. See you tomorrow! 20:19:05

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