Day 20 – Time to celebrate or not

22:44:33 yey, it’s day 20 already, after finishing this one, I’ve been just writing stuff out of my brain to my blog for 200 minutes. Not that much, but the mission keeps going.

The goal behind this little project is to keep me creating every damn day. And it works pretty well. Except from the point that I am writing in the evening instead of the morning.

But since I do it, I sleep better. Probably this works, because I have to order my thoughts in some way, before I go to sleep and I am working out things in this post, rather than in bed.

What else? For this blog I have no goals in case of visitors or anything, it’s just a personal thing with no measuring or so, but the more things I publish here, the visitor number grows from post to post. Maybe I will take a look if some post already ranks on google.

168 words, that can’t be it for today. I’ve watched Donnie Darko again, which is always a good choice. It’s weird but I like it.

Last thing for today, I started a new book by the founder of DM, a german drug store, Götz Werner. I will report here about the book.

This is a slightly cluttered post, tomorrow should be better again, I hope 🤷‍♂️ See you! 👋 22:53:05

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