Day 26 – Airpods are amazing

It’s 22:59, my textexpander, doesn’t seem to work, so no typical timestamp here.

Yesterday I was a little bit shopping with my girlfriend, I actually only went to Media Markt to buy a USB stick, but came out of it with the Apple AirPods. I’ve always seen people with them, in the gym, in the city and so on. I’ve read a lot about them and also watched reviews. They seemed great.

As I listen to podcasts and audio books every day, I alway carry multiple pairs of headphones with me. If my Soundbuds get empty, I would have another pair of headphones in my backpack, or in my pants or jacket, or whatever. Also the Soundbuds have been my favorite ones until yesterday. For 20 bucks they are just incredible. But I had a few points that annoyed me. I just want to put them in and start listening. When I wanted to have sound from my notebook I had to turn bluetooth off on my phone, switch them off, switch them on and connect them to my MacBook. And then my phone won’t connect to my car, because bluetooth is switched off and so on… Luxury problems … 😉

I wanted to give it a try, so I got the Airpods and was impressed in the first second. Not because of the sound quality, this is quite average. But simply because of the functionality. I connected them to my phone and right after that, I could connect them on my MacBook and on my iPad, because the connection is synced via iCloud. This solved all the problems, I had with previous ones. Also they are so light, you don’t even feel them in your ears.

From time to time I only have one bud in my ears, for example when I am walking in traffic, because I want to hear a nearing car. With the Soundbuds they other site started to tear them complete out of my ear. No problem with the Airpods, you just leave the other on in the charging case and you are fine. If one get low on battery, just pull out the other one, and you can continue listening.

All in all, just a great product. But as mentioned before, they don’t have the best soundquality on earth, the Soundbuds which just cost a tenth have way better sound quality, but since I mostly listen to audio books and podcasts, that’s no big deal for me. If you want to pay 180 dollars for headphones, that’s totally up to you 😉 See you tomorrow! 23:11

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