Depressed or Bored

Depressed or Bored

TL;DR – If you are feeling down and stuck, just ask yourself: Am I excited about what I am doing? If the answer is no, change something. Get a new challenge in life.

We all have those days; feeling stuck, feeling like shit, not giving a fuck about anything, not knowing what to do next. If not, congratulations! If so, read on.

What to do with your life?

In the past I often didn’t know where I should go, or what I should do with my life. Anxiety was my daily buddy.

I made plans for what I want to become, e.g. a mobile app developer. And figured out a way, how I could achieve that. But as soon as I planned that out and took the first lessons in this field, it started to annoy me and I stopped. Procrastination was the end result. And the same thing happened over and over and over again.

After doing that a few times, you really start feeling like shit. You start asking yourself if there is anything in the world that you are good in and if you will ever get to something. You feel like wasting your life.

If you don’t do anything against this it can and will drag you down. And trust me, if you are down there, it won’t be easy to convince yourself to get out of there. It takes a lot of action and willpower, but it’s doable.

Get excited

If that feeling of anxiety and not being able to get anything done arises, stop.

Take a break, go for a walk, do anything that is not related to your job or that task you are currently working on.

Somehow you got into that situation. Think about why you choose that path back then. What was exciting for you about that job? Why do you wanted to learn or study a certain thing?

Let’s use an example here, back then when I started in tech, I had two things that excited me:

  • Helping people
  • Building cool shit

When I felt stuck in my life or my career I always thought about, what really excites me about my job. In the beginning it was setting up computers, that ended fast, then it was setting up servers in a datacenter and running them. That took about 4 years to bore me.

I needed a bigger change then like go from server administration to software development. So I thought about, what should I do next.

I wasn’t excited anymore about just writing code and developing task after task. For some that’s the holy grail, that’s cool, but not for me. So I went on from developer to technical lead.

If you really boil it down, I am still doing these two things, but in a different way, on a different level. It is still helping people, either by giving them advice or by teaching them, or just by listening to them and showing them a path to go. And second I am still building cool stuff, at least I am thinking that 😉 At my job I am not writing any code lately. But I support the people that do, or help the business side to solve their problems with tech.

By always looking back to what really excited me, I could adjust and find something that brings me back up. And by doing that I could always keep going and not falling in holes.

If you are reading this and feeling depressed and worthless, think about what really excites you and what you are passionate about. Chances are high, you are not depressed, maybe you are just bored with your current situation.