DEVLOG, finally

I finally started recording the first DEVLOG session. I wanted to make a behind the scenes on how I code and a how I start with a WordPress theme and it sucked. That’s no problem, I will have to do the tutorial video again. But for the DEVLOG it’s good content, so you see that not everything works as expected.

Now I need to edit the video and see how it comes out, I am hyped 😉 But I won’t start today with it, since I have to leave in a few minutes to meet up with a former coworker.

What happened in today’s video, shows me that planning and testing is even more important, before starting to hit the record button. But as said above, it’s a cool outcome for the video, and you have something to learn from 😉 Much more won’t come today, the most of the time I was on the road or cleaning up my office, which was really necessary. So see you tomorrow, hopefully with the released video 😉