Do you fit in? – Part 1

07:13:00 – Good morning friendos, it feels definitely good to write that early. Let’s talk about a topic that comes to my mind every day and some how pisses me off, all the time. Fitting in. I don’t know how much I will be able to pack in 10 minutes, so let’s go.

In kindergarden and in school we are taught to fit in, to not question everything. We are taught, what are good values and how to act. You quickly learn, that you have to ask for permission, to go to the fucking toilet. And you don’t have to question anything the teacher tells you, they have learned it before you and they are right, because they are adults and you have to be polite.

Bullshit, all BULLSHIT. If I would have listened to my English teacher in school, I wouldn’t have learned English that quick. I would still repeat Reading Comprehension and bullshit like that.

The other side is, you are rewarded for simple bullshit. I don’t know how it’s called, but in German schools you are getting a certificate to attend in sports games. You are getting medals and encouragement for not being top notch.

As I can’t finish my thoughts here in 10 minutes, I will continue with this topic tomorrow! See you then! 👋

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