Do you need to “fit” in?

Today I had a discussion with a colleague of mine, about the podcast I want to start this month. I talked about which categories it should fit in and how I was working on categorizing my blog, trying to fit my articles into certain tags and how cumbersome this activity was.

His words and opinion have been quite eye-opening: He doesn’t read my blog and thinking about if that now fits into minimalism, self-improvement or anything else. Either that article added some value or was interesting to read, or not. That’s the only thing about what he cares.

If you read a blog about gardening, probably you are not looking for advice on how to do brain surgery. But looking at a personal blog, you probably expect a deep dive into the thoughts of the writer anyway.

Two hours ago I was sitting at the Feuersee in Stuttgart and prepared the setup of my podcast, uploaded the artwork and such things. Of course, it’s plain and simple, just a picture with my name and I like the outcome. When I got to the description I was thinking about that again, what should I write, what categories should I use. I stopped. I just phrased the description like the following:

My goal is to live a life with meaning. And this is what the podcast is about; self-improvement and experiences that I made, valuable tips I want to share. Minimalism is a tool that helps me to achieve this, but I am not limited to that. This podcast isn’t tied to any specific topic. I want to add value to your life, and it follows the same principles as my blog does: I only can understand what I think as I write it or speak about it.

If I would limit my podcast to minimalism or any certain topic, it isn’t fun doing it anymore. Then I would just tick of topics that relate to that topic. Instead, I want to keep it as my blog. The only thing that limits me is what’s coming to my mind.

Thanks, other Daniel, for giving me the answer 😉