Done is better than perfect

23:37:21 – Good evening Friendos! I have recorded the first real DEVLOG that I will edit and publish tomorrow. That’s the first part of done is better than perfect. Second is the source plugin for Gatsby that queries the YouTube API for playlists and their videos.

I have written a plugin that queries the YouTube API and creates GraphQL nodes for using them in Gatsby. Getting the videos out there was pretty simple, as I am going to tell you in DEVLOG, I had some problems with unresolved promises and the Axios client, which cost me approximately 4 hours or more. That I haven’t recorded, because it won’t be that interesting.

Now I had the issue, that I wanted to have the videos as children to their playlists in GraphQL, which of course didn’t work like it should. Of course I could spend hours into debugging the issue, but then the release of Codalong would go further away. And as I have thrown the codebase away this weekend because I was unhappy with some design decisions, that would cause another delay.

It works now as I need it. Now the connection goes the other direction, I have the ID for the playlist inside the videos as a parent ID and it works as it should. Like the title says, it’s done, but not perfect.

The next thing is the DEVLOG, so the video documentation of building Codalong. I have recorded several videos about it, but I just had so many issues and bugs, that I don’t wanted to publish it. Today’s video won’t be perfect either, but again, in this case; DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT.

If you read this blog and watch my video, it would be awesome, if you could give me some feedback in the comments!

I am not sure if I can put in some hours for Codalong tomorrow, but surely over the weekend, there should be the second edition of DEVLOG 👍…

So, as always, thanks for reading, watching whatever, see you tomorrow! 👋 23:45:51

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